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Essay 1: Rewriting Psychology with Six Novel Hypotheses

Essay 2: An Evolutionary Theory of Everything

Essay 3: Placebos Work by Reversing the Anxiety Component of Disease

Essay 4: Natural Selection Selects Only Behaviors that Increase Security

Essay 5: Two Belief Systems and Their Conflicting Beliefs

Essay 6: Security and the Understanding of Belief and of Belief in God

Essay 7: The Critical Role of Security in Belief and Belief Systems

About the Essays

When natural selection is viewed from the perspective of a security paradigm revolutionary new insights involving evolutionary psychology, moral philosophy, and theology become evident. These insights include a number of fresh understandings regarding emotional feelings, human behavior, attachment theory, morality, and altruism. The most important understanding that derives from a security paradigm, one that profoundly affects our civilization, is how placebos work. This understanding makes it clear that god is a placebo and that placebo deception results in theists believing in a nonexistent, imaginary god who has been attributed imaginary powers by religious authority.

Essay 1, " Rewriting Psychology with Six Novel Hypotheses" is the latest essay by Dr. Jaffe. It further develops ideas that were first presented in the following essays. 

Essay 2, "An Evolutionary Theory of Everything" establishes the basis of the additional essays by explaining why natural selection selects only for traits that increase security, and why the emotional belief system, which is a determinant of volitional behavior, is based on the feeling of security.

Essay 3, "Placebos Work by Reversing the Anxiety Component of Disease" further develops the understanding of medical placebos that was introduced in essay 2.

Essay 4, "Natural Selection Selects Only Behaviors That Increase Security" confirms and emphasizes that indeed natural selection selects only for behaviors that increase security.

Essay 5, "Two Belief Systems and Their Conflicting Beliefs" emphasizes that the emotional belief system's beliefs have a goal of personal security, whereas the cognitive belief system's beliefs have truth as their goal; that cultural evolution results in a civilizing process in which the culture of science, which emanates from the cognitive belief system becomes dominant compared to the culture of religion, which emanates from the emotional belief system; and that a program to teach the use of evidence for deciding belief would be a rewarding program to undertake because it would eliminate religious placebos and religious violence.

Essay 6, "Security and the Understanding of Belief and of Belief in God" clarifies and adds to what has been said in the previous essays, emphasizing that placebo deception has tricked much of humanity into believing in non-existent gods. 

Essay 7, "The Critical Role of Security in Belief and Belief Systems" extends ideas presented in earlier essays by adding that emotional attaching is a double-edged sword, considering Trump's agenda a political placebo, and concluding with the possibility that teaching critical thinking will change civilization for the better.