About Dr. Jaffe

          ​Martin D. Jaffe, M.D., born in 1927, is now retired. He graduated with honors from the University of Michigan Medical School where he also trained in internal medicine. Following residency he practiced internal medicine in Bay City, Michigan for 49 years, while he also did cardiovascular research. His curiosity led him to science and theory even when they fell outside the realm of medicine, such as in the field of evolutionary psychology, which he studied in depth. He became interested in evolutionary psychology when he was pondering "What makes me tick?"  and hit upon the tantalizing idea that it was security, and that security is the key to understanding natural selection and evolutionary psychology. At first this seemed farfetched, but as he continued to scrutinize this hypothesis, everything made sense and fell into place, so much so, that he retired at age 79 in order to spend full time developing a security concept for the understanding of evolutionary psychology. In 2010 he published the book The Primal Instinct: How Biological Security Motivates Behavior, Promotes Morality, Determines Authority, and Explains Our Search for a God

         The essay, "An Evolutionary Theory of Everything", clarifies and further develops theories first presented in The Primal Instinct. As Dr. Jaffe remarked, "I am fortunate to have lived long enough and to have maintained my mental faculties sufficiently to have developed a number of new theories based on the concept of security. The understanding of these theories should transform the way evolutionary psychology, moral philosophy, and theology -- including the theology behind the present Middle East chaos -- are viewed."    

Dr. Jaffe served in the Navy during World War II and in the Air Force during Korea. He now splits his time between Michigan and Arizona. He has four children, ten grandchildren, and one great grandchild.


Other Works by Dr. Jaffe


The Primal Instinct

The Primal Instinct: How Biological security Motivates Behavior, Promotes Morality, Determines Authority, and Explains Our Search for a God